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Alice Fritz is a Vermont-native artist, writer, and recovering software engineer. An optimistic nihilism underpins her artistic exploration in often disparate directions.
She grew up as a latchkey kid with many muses found in people, wildlife, and dreamscapes. The written word was a periscope to a world beyond pre-internet isolation.  Misadventures brought experiences in fashion, music, film, and photography.
Themes appearing in her work are transformations and contradictions within individual and collective identity.
Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Watershed Review, Humana Obscura, CBC.ca, and Paper Magazine, and included in shows at the Silvermine Guild Art Gallery, the Creative Arts Workshop Gallery, and the The Gallery at Still River Editions. Her pieces have been selected by private collectors around the world. She received a BA in German Literature from Connecticut State University in conjunction with Universität Konstanz.